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    Rescue Prayer When you are visiting your local shelters you can feel their energy you can see on their eyes and see their pain, you can ...

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Rescue Prayer

    This is not getting old and we have to say it as much as we can till people can understand you cannot buy happiness and you shouldn̵...

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Adopt a dog


You can count on your dog anytime, they will wait for you everyday they love you unconditionally , they want to be by your side every seconds of their...

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dog poem

How adorable is tho dog 🙂 look at the tongue those eyes and the huge nose 🙂 Dogs love to be pet but you always have to ask for permission befor...

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Yes you may pet me

This bring tears to my eyes , how beautiful is their connection! Service dogs are the dogs who are trained to be in the service for your needs, They h...

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No Words Are Needed!

This is the most beautiful poem that I’ve ever heard 🙁 I don’t understand people who abandoned their pets ! how could they do this? how...

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I Adopted your dog today