This is a very sad poster, but with a true message! Thousands of dogs are abandoned every day by their owners and I personally can’t understand people who do such a shameful behavior! We live in Miami, Florida and just 20 miles south of us is Homestead, florida which is covered with farms and vacant lands. I’ve heard every single day, tens of dogs are abandoned by their owners there. So people drive their cars and leave their dogs there and go away as fast as they can, and poor doggies run after their owners cars for miles and miles, without knowing what might happen in future! They love their owners, but nothing justifies such a shameful and inhumane behavior by their owners. Don’t leave your dog in a highway!! What the F* is wrong with these people?

I’m sorry you will die today, but people just wont stop breeding animals, If only people would spay and neuter their pets.


I'm sorry

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