Skin care is not only important for humans, but all animals, specially dogs! Under the coat of hair, dogs have a sensitive skin that needs proper care! For example, never let your dogs coat stay wet, because it might be a good host for different bacteria and fungi to grow! Also when a dog doesn’t have proper input of vitamins and minerals it sheds a lot of hair! Of course not all shedding is due to nutritional deficiencies, but many factors such as seasons, hormonal imbalances and hormonal changes may play role in frequent shedding! Now this poster is a useful guide for dogs skin care, specially during the summer and hot season, which they might be more prone to tick and flea! Please be aware of the symptoms of tick and flea and prevent your dog from acquiring them by commercial drops or natural flea and tick repellants.

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If your dog’s shedding doesn’t stop after changing its food and caring its skin, please consult with a knowledgable veterinarian.

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