Which dog breed is right for me ?

Which dog breed is right for me ? This is a question we’ve asked many times from ourselves and the answer to this question can be helpful for you, your family and your future furry best friend! There are hundreds of dog breeds and all of them have different characteristics and needs. Some dogs need more exercise and outdoor activities. Some dogs are better in a family and with children. Some dogs need to play and love ball games, etc. So based on your situation and character, this guide helps you to choose the best breed for yourself. However please note that most of the dogs that we see out there, are mixed breeds and therefore they may have different behavior that what we see in this chart! Also ¬†training plays a major role in the behavior of your dog. So what I’m trying to say is that this guide is not completely true for all cases, and there are always variations.

dog breed


Also please note that for choosing your best friend, you have to spend time with it. You should go to a shelter, spend time with various dogs and finally find your best match. This is like a real match-making, so you need to choose the best based on your character!

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